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Today a postman brought a big package to me. A really big package! And since Courtney from Lacquer Lady and I agreed on 10 polishes I didn't expect such a big package, but when I started opening the box I saw that there isn't only 10 polishes, she sent me A LOT more. Let's look at the pictures first, so you'll be able to understand why I wrote A LOT like that.

Nail polishes:
From L to R Essie: Wild Thing, Color Fever: Black Diamond, Borghese: La Strada Rose, Opi: Ink and Diva de Geneva

from L to R: Zoya: Valerie, China GLaze: Ruby Pumps, Short & Sassy, Cowgirl Up, Color Club: Frost bite and Rule Breaker

Fast drying top coats:
from L to R: Seche, INM Out The Door, CND: Air Dry
I asked her if she can get me a bottle of fast drying top coat, because we don't have good fast drying top coats in Slovenia, but she sent me 3!

Loads of nail art things:

 image plates, a lot of fimo flowers and fruits( of course I had to try and slice them) and millions of rhinestones

Nail foils and and nail strips
The left foil Tie-Dye Surprise and the second Rainbow Swirl, the white thing at the back is a glue for the foil, 
Duracolour nail strips with butterflies and Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Check it out.

I also got Burt's bees cuticle cream.
I tried it already and it is awesome!

and 2 packages of chocolates

The Dove chocolates also have simple messages hidden in each chocolate, and they are all really delicious. 

So now you see, why a write A LOT?

I really got all my biggest lemmings and I'm really speeches with this package, because I expected 10 polishes and a top coat, but I got all this. All I can say is a big  THANK YOU! 
Thank you Courtney!
You really rock!

I know that I may sound silly and all, but I just have to say thank you at least 3 times =)

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

have you checked her blog already? She has some beautiful nail arts and french manicures posted there!


  1. ful dobr :D zihr cela srečna :) pa kje najdeš take ko rade delajo swape? js sm se že s parimi zmenla..pa si pol verjetno premislijo pa ne odpišejo :(

  2. great swap!! the chocolates look delicious

  3. That is a fabulous swap. so many lovely polishes and goodies :D

  4. It was absolutely a great surprise :D I'm in love with the Zoya varnish and all the nail art things!

  5. wooow! what an AWESOME swap!! :D

  6. Hershey kisses so taaaak dobri, jaz sem dobila tiste cookies&cream, mmmmmmmmmmmm jih nisem mogla nehat jest. :))))
    Swap je pa SUPER! Danes so te pa res same lepe novičke pričakale. :)) Enjoy your new goodies!

  7. Wow! ZAKON! Sploh ta druga slikica, joj, Rule Breaker in Short&Sassy! Zakon! Komaj čakam swatche. :)

  8. Glad you like everything! :) The Seche smells the strongest of the three top coats, as a warning. but I think it does dry the fastest! :)

  9. Folije mi se najviše sviđaju,jedva čekam da ih isprobaš!!!

  10. :) Great polishes, love the nail stampers, so cute!

  11. So many nice things love them specially the polishes and stamp plates :)

  12. that was really A LOT! =)

    ps. I grabbed your iswap icon.=)

  13. ja sam totalno ljubomorna!!!
    krasan swap :-D

  14. Odličan swap, u isčekivanju swatcheva :)

  15. Ladies, thank you all for commenting. I'm really lucky to get such a big package from Lady C =)

    Passing Fancy, sama me je kontaktirala, drugače sem pa še danes cela rečna zarad vseh NP =). Upam da tudi ti najdeš kakšno super swaperko

    Ivana, Hirschley kisses so res božanski =)

    Ulmiel, Short and Sassy in Rule Breaker sta verjetno ena izmed najboljših lakov vtem swapu, ampak ker jih imam toliko za psrobat, res ne vem, kdaj bosta prišla na vrsto, upam da čimprej =)

    Lady C, thank you again! Seche does have strong smell, but it doesn't bother me at all =)

    rosey, this swap icon isn't mine, i took it form another girl, but don't know from which blog =)


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