Cute as Hell LE: Date me

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Firstly I'd like to say that I'm really surprised upon your positive reaction on my recycle giveaway. I really didn't expect that there will be 40 entries in a day and a half. I think that this is very positive, so thank you all for entering =).

No to countinue with the manicure. I wore this manicure a few days ago, and because the polish is perfect for stamping I was planing to stampi it, but I didn't succed so I'll publish only no stamping pictures.
The polish is from Essence Cute as Hell LE form spring 2010, I applied 2 coats, the polish dried quite fast, and surprisingly didn't applied as hell like the pink one from this LE. I didn't apply any TC.

Here are the pictures:
Essence Cute as Hell LE: Date me

Essence Cute as Hell LE: Date me

Perfect for stamping right? Too bad I failed =(.

Have a nice evening!


  1. Zelo me spominja na enega Essija. Mislim da je Liliacism? Ali je to Color Club? Joj. o.O Luškan lakec. Jaz sem sicer zadnje čase za žive pomladne barve, tale sonček pa to. :D

  2. Predivna nijansa ljubičaste, jako mi se sviđa :)

  3. :o taman imam ovaj lak na noktima :)

  4. Ulmiel, ne vem zakaj me pastelne barve asocirajo na pomlad =). Tud ko sm verižice delala, sm jih ful naredla v pastelnih barvah =)

    Lalica, res je krasna

    Vintage makeup, I totally agree, i'm just sad that the stamping didn't work out well.

    nail crazy, nekaj posebnega je =)

    lendoxia, super, upam da uživaš v nošnji =)


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