Color Fever: Black diamond

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Today I'm going to show you a very beautiful black holo I got from Courtney from Lacquer Lady.
I applied 2 coats and because today it was a sunny day, I was able to get some pictures with the holo effect =).
Here are the pictures:

 and sun pictures =)

It doesn't have a lot of holographic glitter in it, but there is just enough to spice up the dark grey polish =)

What do you think about it? Like it or not?

When I saw this one, I immediately put it next to the Color Club Revvvolution, but I found out, that these two aren't dupes, but I'm going to show you comparison tomorrow =).


  1. Izgleda zanimivo. Škoda le, da holo ni malo bolj viden.

  2. krasen je<3 čakam na primerjavo;P

  3. What an awesome grey!!
    I'm in love with it!!

  4. Lep, ampak mi je bolj všeč v senci, brez holo efekta :)

  5. uf divno li je nosit ovakve holo boje kad ima sunca <3

  6. Pretty!! Yours looks more holo than mine, lucky!

  7. Taya, se popolnoma strinjam=)

    KONADomania, v bistvu sta si kr različna, bom probala danes objavit primerjavo =)

    rock-or-not, I like it too, but I'm not a grey fan =)

    Ina, v senci me ta lak malo spominj na Essence Moonlight kolekcijo =). Jsz ga imam vseeno raje na soncu =), čeprav v senci tudi ni slab.

    Londoxia, holoti so res čudoviti za sončno vreme =)

    Nina, Res je =)

    ChaosBUtterfly, It does? Maybe you got the last bottle, and there was no holo glitter left =). But it does look like on the blurry picture IRL on the sun =)

  8. so beautiful like the COLOR CLUB Revvvolution :-)


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