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Today I'm going to show you a nail polish that almost every girl has ( at least I hope so). It's China Glaze For Audrey. A beautiful pastel polish which is perfect for stamping. Because I'm really tired I'm not going to be long today.
Application: good, Coats:2, no top coat
 Scissors already prepared for my first scotch tape manicure. I just had to use them, because they really match the color of the polish =).

and another picture of this beauty:

As I said this polish is a perfect base for stamping, so you all know what goes next.
I used konad M64 and Avon: Splendid Blue

What do you think?

My nails were really long so I decided to shorten them, and I realised that I like shorter nail on me more =).

Thank you all, for commenting, reading, visiting......

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Have a nice evening!


  1. Super kombinacija!Tale ChG mi kar malo manjka :P bo treba naročit!:)

  2. i love the end result its so cute!



  3. This is one of my fav. Konad patterns!

    I don't have For Audrey yet....

  4. Very nice! I love china glaze cremes and definitely working on getting this one soon.

  5. You're right, this is really a lovely colour :) And I like it with stamps on it!
    Have a nice day!

  6. I have this shade too and it's one of my favourites!!

  7. Eden od močno oboževanih lakov, ki jih nimam, niti na WL. Ne vem ... morda bi ga morala videti IRL, da bi me res prevzel. Na swatchih me še nikoli ni. Mi je pa zelo všeč konad kombinacija! Zelo lepo. :)

  8. Perfect color combination with the stamping :)

  9. Savršeno!!! Odlična kombinacija sa Konadom. :)

  10. Vintage MU, thank you =)

    Sparkle*, sama se še vedno nisem odločila glede mojega stališča do pastelov, jih imam rada ali ne =). Tale je res nekaj posebnega, bi verjetno prišel na WL če nebi bilo že ostalih preveč =).

    Srahlouise, I like it too =)

    Amber from Rainbows and Sparkles, this is my favourite konad pattern as well =)

    loodie loodie loodie, I love china Glaze vhremes as well, but they have soo manj pretty glitters and shimmers, that cremes don't have a chance on my WL =)

    ElsaP., thank you =)

    Taya, res je nekaj posebnega =)

    Vita, I was surprised by tha fact that many girls don't have this nail polish, but I'm glad that you have it =)

    Ulmiel, tudi jaz nikoli nisem razumela vsesplošnega oboževanja For Audrey, in tudi sedaj ko sem ga dala na nohte, me ni popolnoma prevzel, da bi mogel na moyo WL, očitno res nisem preveč za pastelne barve =). Če ta na swatchin ni prevzel, te tudi v živo nebi =)

    Short and sweet nails , thank you=)

    Lalica, hvala ti draga =)

  11. super kombinacija :-)
    ... i s nožicama naravno ;-)

  12. That's a very pretty manicure, and I love your nails at that shorter length! They look great!


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