Color Club Revvvolution vrs. Color Fever Black Diamond

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Yesterday I promised a comparison between Revvvolution and Black diamond. 
You can see how different they look in the bottles in shade
Revvvolution looks a lot more lighter grey shade than black diamond

 another picture of the nails in shade, here you can see, that Revvvolution is much darker on nails than it is in the bottle. Revvvolution looks almost black here, while BD is still dark grey as in the bottle.

And now, to the pictures on sun and the holographic effect.
 I have to warn you, that it wasn't the best day for a holographic nail polish comparison, because the sun wasn't shining at it's best so the holographic effect isn't as visible as it should be. But still we can see how different the holo effect is. BD has more scattered holo which is also weaker and Revvvolution has more rainbow looking holo, also the holographic glitter isn't the same. Revvvolution has more orange and BD has more blue glitter in it. I hope you'll be able to see that on the next 2 pictures

sorry for such a big photo, but I just had to enlarge it *blush*

I know that this is not the best comparison, but I think that it is clear that this 2 polishes aren't even close to being dupes, and I'm glad I have both of them , especially beacuse I'm a holo fan =).

What do you think about this 2, which one do you like more? Do you think you need both?


  1. Definitivno bi izbrala Revvvolution.

  2. I like the big photo since it shows clearly the difference between those 2 :)!

  3. Great comparison! I have both of these, so I don't have to choose. :)

  4. krasna primerjava! včeraj je res izgledal petit bolj črn:) mislim, da mi revvvolution kar zadošča:P

  5. Super primerjava! Jaz pa čakam na Catherine Arley črnega, da vidim, če bo zadovoljil mojo željo po Revvvolution. Malce me je namreč razočaralo dejstvo, da so vse nadaljnje izdaje, od prve naprej, bolj sive kot črne. Prvi Revvvolution je bil bojda res čisto črn.

  6. krasno si ovo odradila... revvvolution ipak ostaje moj omiljeni :-D

  7. I like them both, but I prefer black diamond, because of it's nice holo effect, which you can't see in the other polish :)
    Have a nice day!


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