China Glaze Flying Dragon (neon)

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I's been a while since my last post. I realised how much time I spend on the internet so I decided that I won't blog for a while, but here I am now with some nail pictures prepared, I'll start with China Glaze Flying Dragon (neon) that I got from Ivana. Thank you!

Here are the pictures:
Because it dries matte, I added a coat of top coat on my ring finger. The top coat really reveals the blue glitter in the polish.

Sorry for the bad application and pictures. These are the best I took at that time =).
I applied 3 coats it polish and it applied nicely.

I also moved to my student dorm, and I got a room mate form Slovakia so now I can practice my English all the time =). She is the best, and she also doesn't mind my nail polish addiction =).

Also thank you all for your kind comments and welcome new followers =).


  1. Tale lak z nadlakom prav oživi, se mi zdi da ko je mat je tak pust. :)


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