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today I'm going to show you pictures first:

Are you in love? I'm definitely in love in this color combination. 
You are probably wondering why I named my post like that. I named it like that because you have click on the link that the post opens, than you look at the pictures, because I placed pictures at the beginning, and than you just love the combination. Yeah, I have a crazy day again =). 

I should probably tell you what I used for this manicure. I layered 1 coat of Orly Fantasea over 1 coat of Catrice Purposely Purple, and added a coat of my new TC. 
And you know what is the best part, that all pictures are realistic, because it changes when you look at your nails from different angles. My favourite look is on the 3rd picture. Which picture is your favourite?

I have an exam tomorrow, but I already know that I'm not going to pass because I didn't learn enough, so all I did today was looking through different blogs and look for some swatches of new essence products for March. I dicovered some pretty polishes so I just can't wait for them to be available in shops.

I changed my manicure today, and it was a really Valentine's day manicure horror. Can't wait to show it to you, but you'll have to wait for it until tomorrow. 

Ohh, did I already told you how much I like this combination? Neh, I probably didn't. So I'll tell it again. I LOOOOOOVE IT =). 
I promise I'll stop now. Have a nice day, and thank you for reading this =)


  1. Gorgeous!!
    What a good combination!!
    My fav is the last picture, it looks like little flames on your nails!

  2. gorgeous I will try this because Fantasea seamed too sheer for me on it's own

  3. Prečudovit. :)
    O novih Essence lakih pa mi raje ne govori, ker sem videla toliko lepih odtenkov, da bom verjetno marca bankrotirala. Saj vem, da mi ni treba vseh lakov kupiti naenkrat, ampak kolikor se poznam, se ne bom mogla zadržati. :D

    Pa uspešno jutri na izpitu. :)

  4. Jooj, hočem tega Orly-ja! Lepo je!

  5. rock or not, thank you. My nails do look like on fire on the last picture =)

    Un Ruxi a Paris, Fantasea seems quite sheer,but I hope that it is not too sheer for a manicure without any base =). I can't wait to ower which polish you are going to layer it =)

    Sparkle, tudi meni je zeeeeeeelllllooo všeč =)

    Taya, Tud za mene bo Essence kar hud zalogaj, še posebej zaj komaj čakam da se razprodaje začnejo, ker bom kupila kakšno barvo ki gre iz prodaje da bom imela zalogo =). Pol pa tk, na polno ko pridejo novi lepotci =)

    Biba, res je lep, sam in tudi za layering =)

  6. Hehehe, super naslov, prav tak da res moraš klikniti. :) In res super izgleda. <3

  7. evo kliknila, pogledala i... volim, baš je krasna manikura :-D

  8. Beautiful colour.

    Would you like to take part in my birthday exchange? Don't wait! : - will be fun! :)

  9. I love it! Such a pretty combination :D

  10. Ladies thank you for your comments <3 =)


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