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Firstly I'd like to say welcome to all of my new followers, and also thank you all for following me =). I think that I'll soon have to start thinking about 350+ giveaway to say thank you =). I really never expected to have so many readers. THANK YOU =).
To continue with the post. I just didn't know how to name this post, is I gave it a silly name. Glittery because I have a special glittery polish for you today, and commercial, because I'l make a commercial for my friend's blog. =)

I decided to start with the polish. Many of you may still remember the nail mail I got from Ivana ( I showed it a few posts ago). With your help I decided that I'll try Kleancolor- Vegas night first. I applied 3 coats, though fourth would probably be needed. I kinda struggled with the applications, since this was the first only glitter polish I tried, but still managed to make it look average. I didn't use any top coat, but I think that if I would, I would definitely make it shine even more =). The polish consists blue and purple glitter, from which blue is in majority.   OK, I won't bore you with the description, lets take look at the pictures:
blue and purple glitter, I really hope you can see it

a bit blurry to see the sparkle
 And 2 pictures with bottle in my hands:

So how do you like it? I like it a loooooot, though about 3 months ago, I couldn't even stand a single look at the glitter *blush*.
I'm sorry for badly shaped index finger, but I had a really bad crack and I had no choice, but to file them down all the way. I hope the'll grow a bit longer soon.

So, now it is probably time for a commercial. You may go get a snack or go to the toilet now =).
Just kidding! A few post ago I mentioned that my friend just started a blog, and since you all know how it is like to be at the begging,  I decided to make a commercial for her, despite the fact that I have to show you my pictures because of that.

Her blog is about her MU, nail polish and polymer clay( her cupcake charms are really adorable) . You can visit her here.
Here is one of her creations:
I know the MU isn't really visible in the picture and the colors are a bit off( my eyes should be brown and MU purple), but I just wanted to show you, that her MU made me look a bit less ugly that I am. Whoever achieves that, must be a really good =).
At the time that this picture was shoot, we didn't have a clue that we will be blog owners and will need a better MU pictures.

Here is another picture, also her MU, but I think that even if you enlarge the picture you won't see the MU clearly, I added it just for fun, and that you'll see, that I just love rum =). 
This picture was shot by Urša Tomažin =)

This is it for today. 

Oh, I totally forgot, I should probably add something in this style: GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG! 

Coming next: Zoya: Roxy


  1. super boja!
    šteta što na zadnje dvije slike boje baš ne slušaju, ali glavno da je rum tu :-)

  2. Lep je, lep, samo škoda da je tako "enobarven". Hude slikce in nočem več brat besede "ugly", jasno?! :)

  3. I like it. Looks like party time.

  4. Renate, thank you =)

    Beauty shades, I didn't like glitter a few months ago, but I love it now =).

    nail crazy, Seveda, rum je najpomembnejši =)

    Ivana, res škoda, da ima veliko modrega glitta( za tebe, ker meni je zelo všeč). Drugače pa res zgleda bolj modro.
    Hvala za komentar na slike, in pomoje kr ugly sliši zraven =)

    Patricia, I never thought of that, but when you mentioned I really started do imagine a big party =)

  5. I like this color :) looks good on your nails ^^


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