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 It's time for my last review for Born Pretty store. Today I'll review Kddis strawberry favoured cuticle oil.(no. 4 on the picture below)

This was the only product that disappointed me a bit. I really thought that it would have a pleasant strawberry smell, and my hands will smell a bit strawberry like for at least a while, but the smell is so subtle that I couldn't even smell it when using it unless I put it right under my nose, but I guess this is good fir girls who don't like strong scented cosmetics. 

Right before massaging it into cuticle
The effect wasn't that bad, and the packaging is great for a trip,l because it it plastic, and won't broke easily. 
After application and massaging it was kind of sticky, but it didn't bothered me. 

I probably wouldn't buy it, because I already found my cuticle Holy Grail. 

This was my last review. I hope you liked them. Tomorrow I'll present you the first only glitter polish that I tried, and I'll also add a surprise to the post( some bonus pictures and maybe even a video)

(This product was sent to me to review from Born Pretty store)


  1. its pity that it didn't do what you expected!
    I only use one brand for my cutlices....that's great so I don't change it!
    but its easy to take this away with you in your bag...if it works haha

  2. šteta...
    nema mi ništa gore nego kad se za nešto zagrijem pa to ispadne razočarenje :-(

  3. What is your home made cuticle oil made off? If I may ask, I got curious. :)

  4. I tagged you for the stylish blogger award here: http://totallypolishedbeauty.blogspot.com/

  5. Girls I'm really sorry for such a late repply =)

    Renate, I totally agree on the travelling. I'm glad you found a perfect cuticle oil =).

    nail crazy,se strinjam, ampak še vseeno so bili ostali izdelki vredu, razen tega =)

    melisende, I'm glad you are curiouse. I use a mixture of almond(3/4) and jojoba(1/4) oil. I mix it in an empty nail polish bottle so the application is really easy. If you are going to make one, you can freely add some etheric oils to make it smell really good=).

    Aryn, thank you for the tag, but I won't publish it again since I did that a few posts ago.

    Ladies, thank you for your comments =)


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