Zoya Roxy and only 24 hours to enter my giveaway!

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Hi! Sorry I disappeared for a while again, but I had to help my father to empty the apartment of an uncle that died a month ago, so I had loads of cleaning to do. I also helped smashing the furniture, boy, that felt good =). It took us 2 full days to empty and clean the apartment. I broke my left hand middle finger nail right after we finished the work, I was really angry since my nails didn't damage during smashing, but it broke while I was washing the dishes.
Also our pet guinea pig died so those weren't the best days of my life. The only thing that made me feel better was my nails since I wore such a beautiful polish, Zoya:Roxy. 
I'm not feeling really chatty so I'll only post the pictures of my nails:

 a bit blurry to see the sparkle

I'm sorry about my pinkie cuticle, I really didn't notice it before taking pictures. I should probably say that I really don't like the length of my index nail , but I really don't want to shorten other nails. I hope they will grow fast, to make my nails more evenly long. 
I should mention, that pictures were taken after 2 days of wear, and I also mentioned before that I was really using my hands for the past 2 days, I know that you can count these two facts together. I think that the wear is amazing, and the tip wear is almost invisible. 

You have only 24 hours to enter my GA, I will announce the winners 5 minutes after midnight (GMT+01:00) .
Good luck to all of you! 


  1. Aww, I'm sorry about everything you've been through. I think the polish held up amazingly. I'm waiting on my orders, but a friend of mine is ready to trash all of her OPI b/c she's had NO problems with wearing Zoya for 10 days straight.

  2. soo gorgeous.. this is my favorite zoya!

  3. TrailerHoood Chic, thank you. I think that the worst part is over ( looking my uncle how he was dying) so everything goes uphill from now on.

    OMG, she is going to toss OPI, please don't. Tell her that I'm interested in doing a swap if she really wants to get rid of them =).
    Zoyas are pretty awesome, even Savita wears a long time though it has a matte finish and mattes chip really fast.

    Amanda, I never liked this Zoya when looking at swatches, but when I applied it, I really fall in love =). It is really stunning

  4. I totally love Zoya!!
    this color is so damn gorgeous!! :-)

  5. That's a gorgeous color I'd love to enter the giveaway. Andrea.trenary@gmail.com

  6. ajme meni ova Roxy nikako ne sjeda, ne znam jel do slika ili bi mi i uzivo bilo tako

  7. Lovely colour
    I love to try it sh.11175@yahoo.com

  8. Žao mi je zbog svega ružnog što ti se dogodilo *hugs*

    Roxy je prekrasna, imam taj lak i to mi je jedan od najdražih. :)

  9. žao mi je zbog ružnih stvari koje su te spopale u zadnje vrijeme :-(
    drago mi je da te roxy bar malo razveselila, stvarno krasno izgleda... i još nakon dva dana, wow

  10. You know what: take a deep breath to go on. Sometimes we´re not able to understand the mess we´re put through... I love your nails and loved the color. Zoya is incredible! Itá a shame it´s so expensive here. Hope everything gets better for you. Kisses from BRazil

  11. Renate, I completely agree with you =)

    Shopping addict, you were entered, but sadly you weren't lucky enough. Better luck next time.

    Lendoxia, tudi meni ni bil nič posebnega doker ga nisem dala na nohte, potem me je pa popolnoma očaral =).

    Shaimaa, thank you =)

    Lalica, hvala, pomoje bo zaj res šlo na bolje =). Roxy je res čudovita =)

    nail crazy, hvala ti, sedaj prihajajo boljši časi(upam). Roxy je pa res čudovita, pomoje bi še najbolj žalostno lakoholičarko razveselila =).

    Patricia, thank you I feel better now. Also thank you for your comment on the color and nails. I wish that Zoya polishes were a bit less pricey here too, because 13€ is just too much for a student budget. I guess there is nothing left of the two of us but to find a good girl form the states that will be willing to make a swap =)

  12. Ojoj, ko gre nekaj narobe, gre vse! Ampak upam, da se bo vse kmalu obrnilo na bolje, če se že ni. :) In me veseli, da te je Roxy spravila vsaj malce v dobro voljo. :)

  13. Ivana, imaš prav, in verjetno se že vse obrača na bolje. Roxy je pa res tako lepo šajnala z mojih nohtov, da je blo res veselo =)


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