Steel me

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Before the Ivana's mail arrived I wore another Metallics LE polish called Steel me. 2 coats with top coat. I just removed it and I had to use glitter removal technique, there are some big glitter particles in it. tomorrow I'l show you the polish from the mail that I used first =).

Here are the pictures:

shade                                                                                                       sun

I tried a different pattern this time by turning my magnet a bit. I'm not sure if I like it. 
Do you like it?


  1. Joj kakšen hud vzorček! Super ti je tole ratalo! Upam, da bo meni vsaj pol tok lepo uspelo pa bo dobr. :D

  2. Hvala, seveda ti bo(če je meni, lahko vsakemu) =).

  3. sweet! i hope we get these in the US.

  4. Is this really a 3D or does it just look that way?
    Either way, I adore it!
    Shall get it soon!
    Thanks for swatching girly!

  5. Mega, tnx =)

    Enamel girl, I hope you'll get them, because it is really fun to play with them =)

    Ria, no it is not 3D, but it sure looks like it was. =)

  6. this is amazing... arrrg! I can't find this TE!! :(

  7. "if I go on the internet, I'm on for at least 2 hours, and this is really bad)" I am on for at least 4 hours hahaha!!!! so terrible and I also have a bio and math exam coming up..but I need the internet.

    I really like this color and it looks like the application was very smooth, I will try to find a dupe

  8. Alice, I hope you'll get it soon =)

    Shortwidenais, I think nowadays we all have some internet issues =). Good luck on your bio and math exams.

    The application was perfect, I was looking at CC polishes and Edie looks very simmilar to this shade =)


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