Problematic teal

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I finally took some time off from my studies to post some pictures( if I go on the internet, I'm on for at least 2 hours, and this is really bad) . I have my maths exam tomorrow, and I don't have any hopes of passing it, I'm kinda depressed, but life goes on. I'll make it someday( I hope so). 

You all know that I got plenty amazing polishes from Ivana. I finally decided which one to wear. This polish is from a band Yes Love and has no name, only a number-287. It is a breathtaking teal, but here comes the problem. I had difficulties with getting the real color with my camera, so my hands are red on the pictures where the color is more realsitic. I applied 2 coats and the polish applied heavenly. I just love it =))).
Here are the pictures:
This one was shoot on daylight, and the color is way too blue

 The rest were taken under a table lamp.
This one is a bit too green
 This one is a bit better
 This is IMO the closest I could get to the real color

Do you have problems with teal too?

I'm sorry that I didn't comment on your posts this week, but I really had to learn. I promise I'll make it up to you on Friday =)


  1. Very pretty color!! My camera has trouble with teal and purple. I think it's just the way it is. Your nails look great.

  2. Ö Joj, kako je lep! :) Super ti paše in krasno si ga nanesla, brez ene napakice, nohti so pa prelepi!

  3. nice color. good luck on your exam tomorrow!!!!

  4. So me slikce tako zaslepile, da nisem celega teksta prebrala! :) Veliko sreče na izpitu! Držim pesti!!!

  5. Mmmm kako lepo barva. Srečno na izpitu!

  6. this is an amazing color! I love how it looks on you!

  7. Wonderful colour, I love it
    Ps.: Thank you for your comment =)

  8. Megan, thank you =)

    Ivana, hvala za vse, še posebej za držanje pesti =).

    Enamel girl, tnx for everything. I passed =)

    With love Ana, hvala =)

    Alice, thank you (=

    Kamila, thank you for jour comment =)

    Sarina, You're welcome and thank you for your's =)

  9. rmcanlelight, thank you, I think that the bottle is pretty too =).


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