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Yesterday and anonymous commenter asked me if I can do a tutorial on how I use kitchen magnets. I'm not sure if this will be helpful, but here is what I do:

This is my kitchen magnet. I guess you all know this character =)

This is how I curve my magnet, just to cover the whole nail, because mine are curvy. If I wouldn't curve the magnet, the pattern wouldn't be on the whole nail

So, lets start:
1. Apply base coat

2. Apply 1 coat of magnetic polish, I'm using 02 Copper rulez! from Essence Metallics LE(picture below)( you have to shake the bottle thoroughly to make it work)

3. Apply another coat of polish, I recommend shaking the bottle on every second nail

4. After you apply a layer of polish you really have to work fast. You take the bended magnet, and squeeze it until you feel that it is touching the skin( not the nail). You can see on the picture below.

5. Count to 5

6. Remove the magnet and repeat on other nails

This is the finished look

I hope this was useful, if it was please let me know =)


  1. Pa ne Puss in Boots no. :( Hehehe super tutorial! Meni tole tudi na pamet ni padlo in vzorček je prekrasen in točno tak kot mora biti! Komaj čakam, da sprobam tole tehniko. <2

  2. Wow, it looks amazing! Great tutorial, I for one would've never figured out how to on my own :) Now all I need is those magnetic polishes! *drools*

  3. Super si se tole spomnila! Jaz imam tudi zaobljene nohte in bo tole zelo pomagal <3

  4. AWESOME!! I need some of this collection. I NEED THEM!

  5. Cool tutorial!.
    I have all kinds of magnets, just need the gorgeous magnetic polish ^_^.

  6. Super tutorial! Meni sploh ni kapnilo, da bi zvila magnet :P :)

  7. Thanks ;) It's very useful!

  8. Ivana, tegale Pussa mi brat tudi ne odpusti...Res škoda ta tehnika pri tebi prvič ni uspela tako kot bi bilo treba, defenitivno upam da bo naslednjič=)

    Jette, tnx. I hope you'll get the polishes soon =)

    Ina, hvala, upam da ti bo uspelo narediti lepe vzorčke =)

    Megan, You'll get them, pretty soon=)))

    Arie, good luck on getting those polishes =)

    Helena, hvala, =)

    ChaosButterfly, tnx =)

    Alice, your welcome =)

    Anonymous, I'm glad that it's useful, though I think that pictures (especially the one with me holding the magnet) should be better in quality =)

  9. Thanks for the tutorial! Now I understand how this works! :)

  10. Sylvia, you're welcome, and tnx for the comment (I'm sorry I replied so late ). It is really fun playing with them, but I miss some colors in them ( blue, red purple..)


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