Flower power

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Today I have another Lacura polish for you. It is called Cyclam. I applied 2 coats( IMO 1 would be enough) and then applied G2G. I love the colour, here are the pictures:
I've been using G2G for 2 months and you can see in the picture how full the bottle is. I just love G2G, and I don't know how I could live without it=)

I also added 2 bonus pictures to this post. The firs one is a picture of cyclamen, and since the picture isn't mine, here is a link to this picture.

Do you like flowers? I like them a lot, but don't know so many of them. Which ones do you like best? I love orchids, I would post some picture od mine(I own 1), but it currently isn't blooming.

Since I realised this post is dedicated to flowers, I added a picture of another necklace I made with a floral design=)

This is all for today(night)


  1. My fave flowers are either bearded iris or hydrangea. I really like cyclamen, though, too. They remind me of my mom. Your nail color reminds of a cyclamen - very pretty!! And I agree - I don't know what I would do without FDTC!

  2. Megan, I posted this picture because the polish was named cyclam, I guess, that they named polish correctly=). Sunflower is the flower that reminds me od my mother.

    Katrina, tnx =)

  3. your necklace is gorgeous. what is it made out of? did you draw it, or take the image and imprint onto polymer clay>

    you are very talented. will we some some of that artistic talent on your nails too? maybe polymer designs to stick onto you nails =)

  4. this is amazing! I'd like to have a similar color in my collection!
    mm I don't like flowers, oh well, i like looking at them but I'm not good at feeding and making them grow! My boyfrend gave me a Dionea and it's great!

  5. Shotwidenails, thank you, the necklace is made of polymer clay( fimo soft), after baking it a used a serviette technique and glued on a napkin=).

    I once chalenged myself to do 10 nail art designs here is the link to the first one(http://colorfulbottle.blogspot.com/2010/08/no-1.html). Maybe I'll do something like that in the future=), but I think I'wont combine nail art and polymer clay, because I don't like the way fimo(fruits, butterflies...) looks on nails I prefer stamping=)

    Alice, tnx, I hope you find a color like that( I bought it at a shop called Hofer, maybe you have Hofer shops where you live).
    I'm not good at making flowers grow eather=). I hope I'll get better in future.
    As I promised I published some guinea pig pictures, I hope you like our little friend Ziki=)

  6. Krasen je! :) Itak, da mi je všeč. x)

    Meni so pa orhideje naj naj, pa lilije, ma skoraj vse z barvnimim in velikimi cvetovi. <3

  7. Ivana, za tebe sem si kar mislila da ti bo všeč=). Lilije so tudi zelo lepe. Pri orhidejah mi je pa všeč, da res ne potrebujejo tako veliko nege( vsaj js je nisem preveč negovala, pa je vseeno lepo cvetela)=)

    Biba, hvala. Bom okrog decembra naredila giveaway, pa bom verjetno imela 3 nagrade za 3 zmagovalke, pa bo v vsaki nagradi poleg lakcev še verižica po lastni izbiri, tk da upam da boš sodelovala, in seveda tudi kaj dobila=)

  8. Tako roza ciklame pa še nisem videla, lepa je in super paše k nohtom <3 Moje najljubše rože so pa strelicije, ker me spominjajo na papagaje ;)
    Taggana si na mojem blogu ;)

  9. Ina, hvala za tag=). Za tele strelecije še pa nisem slišala, ampak seveda mi jih je striček google predstavil, na slikah so videti res čudovite, ne dvomim, da so v živo še lepše=)

  10. i love the necklace! and to be able to do it from scratch is awesome!

  11. xnosugaraddedx, thank you, I'll have a giveaway in the middle of december(there will be 3 prizes and in every prize there will be a necklace of the winner's choice) and you are welcome to join=)


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