There's no excuse

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There's no excuse, I've been a bad girl. I haven't posted a post in almost a week, I really am ashamed of this, and also ashamed of photos that I'll show in the last post today.

I've been really busy last week, I had two difficult exams, one of them I passed, for the second there are no results yet. I have another one tomorrow (Physic I exam), but I think that I don't have any chances to pass this one, maybe next year.

I got a blog award from Ivana, a while ago. It is an award for blog with substance. She has an amazing blog and her nails are gorgeous. She is also very friendly and she was my follower from the start.Here are rules for award recipients:
1. Thank the person for the award
2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five words.

-amazing people
- my obsession (NP of course)
- fulfillment

Now it is my job to give this award to 10 blogs which in my opinion have real substance. Here they are:

ANOTHER Bottle of Polish?!
Kitschy Suburbia
Gilttermille's Nails and Sparkle
Sanje so večne
Clever and Colorful
Susy in Color


  1. Ooo, hvala za nagrado. :) Pa polno uspeha jutri na izpitu. ;)

  2. Ah, važno je, da si ti en izpit naredila, enga še boš, za jutri pa veliko sreče, držim pesti!!! <3 Tebi se vsaj rata odlepit od bloga, jst se pa kr ne morem. x)

    Hvala za tako lepe besede! :*

  3. Ivana, hvala za srečo in želje=)), na žalost ni pomagala, ker jaz in fizika preprosto nisva za skup, sem pa dobila rezultate od prejšnjega izpita in sem naredla(vsaj neka, jih mam še vseeno 5)
    Glede bloga pa niti nisem mela energije, da bi napisala post, čeprav bloge sem pa vseeno spremljala, samo sem jih samo preletela =)

    Janna, thank you sweety =)


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