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Despite no a single post in a week I still made some photographs of my manicures. Here is the first one:

You can see that it is really colorful, and I got plenty comments on how colorful it is.I used 2 coats of joy White. For the splats I used Essence: Everybody's talking about, Essence: Underwater, Essence Return to the paradise LE: Sun downer and S-he stylezone 381.

Despite that there was no sun this week, I got lucky with a few minutes of sunshine to make this photos.


  1. uh..kako si pa naredila te packe?:P

  2. KONADomania hvala

    Pink Diamond, na noht sm dala mal večjo kaplico laka in potem s kulijem, ki ne piše več, malo razpacala, da zgleda kot da bi kdo gor mašprical=))

  3. Oh, I love this!! Did you use a stamp for the paint splats or was it free-hand?

  4. Tnx Megan, I did them free-hand, it is really easy all you need is an old pen and a big drop of polish =)

  5. so cute ! :))

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