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Today I have a no name polish for you. Actually it had a name, but it erased when I was opening the bottle. From my fuzzy memory I can recall something connected to berries, but I can't remember the whole name, so now this polish has a new name. It is called No name =). It is from a brand Lacura. For now I own 3 Lacura polishes and I'm satisfied with all of them. This one was practically opaque in 1 coat, but I always apply 2 coats so 2 coats on the pictures, without a top coat. I'm in love with the color and its depth because of the shimmer.
Here are the pictures:
direct sunlight...

I was trying Essence quick dry drops and I must say that they work not as good as Essie G2G but still they dry polish much faster than it dries by itself =)

Till next time XOXO colorfulbottle


  1. Is this from Hofer? I've been wanting to buy one, but was sceptic about it:)

  2. Fleur, I was skeptic at first too, but so far I have cyclam, noisette and this one, they are all practically opaque in 1 coat and they dry fast, I don't regret buying them =)

  3. Could easily be an OPI.Looks great on you and I think for winter it will be a really nice colour!


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