Hot or not?

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For the last 3 days my nails were unpolished, and because I didn't post anything for a long time, I have an old picture for you.
For the base I used 2 coats of Catrice: Hot or not?. The polish applied nicely and was almost opaque with the first one(like almost all Catrice polishes). On the base I stamped a pattern from konad m64 image plate. I used Catrice: Poison me, Poison you. In the end I applied one layer of Essence quick dry top coat. This is how it looked like:
With flash

since I can upload 5 pictures, here are two bonus pictures for you:

Do you recognize the butterflies on the necklace? Here is a proof that nail supplies can come handy in other situations.
because I wish you all a lucky day.....(please don't stare in mutated eyes)


  1. Krasna kombinacija! Zelo, zelo mi je všeč! <3

    Prašički so pa res super cute! :)

  2. I really like this nail polish and I think that this stamp fits well! cute piggy <3

  3. Jako lijepo, sviđa mi se kombinacija :)

  4. Ivana, hvala. Je mogoče sploh kakšen roza lak ki ti ni všeč(razen tistih, grdo nalakiranih)?=P

    Alice, thank you for your comment on both =)

    Lalica, hvala, meni je tudi všeč, verjetno jo bom še kdaj prakticirala=)

    Lendoxia, tnx =)

  5. Tassa, hvala, lepo je dobit komentar od konad mojstrice =)


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