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This is the last post today. Another manicure. Here are the pictures:

With flash
For this manicure I used Catrice: Big Spender Wanted!. I applied 2 coats, I like the color(pink vith gold shimmer) despite being a little frosty. I made a kind of tribal design with Essence nail art tip painter 01 Heavy black. I'm not satisfied with that manicure.

Here is another picture of Maggie.
have a nice Sunday


  1. Ah...pretty kitteh! I like the art you did on this one. It was simple but elegant. And pink with gold sparkle is my fave!

  2. Res maš mirno roko! Lepo ustvarjaš! :)

    Ampak Meggie je pa tko lepa, vse mucke so mi lepe, ampak tale je pa res najlepša, iiiiii! <3

  3. Megan, this polish slightly reminds me of Zoya Reece, and I like it aloot pink and gold combo is pretty. Tnx for your comments =)

    Ivana, hvala, Meggie je pa res prav lušna, pa še prebrisana po vrhu =))

  4. oh, maggie is very qute!! =)

    thanks for your comment.

    and i love the color on your nails.

  5. preslatka maca, i super blog! volela bih da i mi imamo te Catrice lakove, izgleda da imaju super boje

  6. Fashmetik, tnx, I think that Meggie is a really nice kat too=)

    hermetic, hvala, Catrice ima res lepe barve, mogoče bodo tudi k vam prišli, tudi Slovenke smo jih kar nekaj časa čakale=)

  7. that is super cute!


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