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I've always been asking myself is zebra black on white or white on black, I decided that it is black on white. I guess that by now you all figured it out, that I am going to show you a zebra print today. You are right, but I think that it is still something different because it is only on one finger. Maybe tomorrow if I'll have time I'll make white stripes on black too, to make sure, that my decision about zebra print being black on white is true.
Here are the pictures:With my favorite oil

I used Essence: Fatal(2 coats). joy white(2 coats), Essence Nail art tip painter heavy black.

I managed to make another exam, so in the worst scenario, I will have 5 exams left for next year. I hope I manage to make tomorrow's exam, but if I fail it won't be the end of the world. Wish me luck=)))).


  1. This looks so much better than my attempt (read: fail) at zebra stripes. LOL

  2. Hudo! Pa všeč mi je, ker je samo na enem nohtu! <3 Kot da bi bila štampiljka. :) Nice nice.

    Veliko sreče na izpitu, držim pesti!! :*

  3. Ivana, hvala, na izpitu ni blo srečem-sem padla =( pa zato upam da bo naslednje leto bolš.

  4. Really pretty nail design :-)

  5. You have answer in my shoutboard on my blog :-)


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