Nail polish storage

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Today I am going to show you how I store my nail polishes. I used to store them in a large box, but it got too small, that's why I bought paper organizer, with four boxes.
Top left box is for blues, greens, oranges yellows, silvers, golds...
Top right box is for nail care(files, silk wraps..), and stampers, rhinestones, nail art polishes
(I didn't take a picture)
In the bottom left box I store reds( I didn't take a picture)
and in the bottom right drawer I store Purples and pinks

I have another organizer where I store base coats, top coats, glitters, empty bottles, and also some other rhinestones. This is how it looks like:The first drawer: base coats and top coats, that I use all the time, and also rhinestones, because the box is broken and it has to be in this position( if I don't want to look for rhinestones all over my room)

The secon drawer: Base coats, and top coats, that I rarely use, and also glitters and flakesThird drawer: empty bottles, and also optical nail whitener, which I think I'll never use.

That's about it=)


  1. Do you store your bottles of polish like that(sideways, upside down, etc?) No, no, no! Keep them all standing up!
    Okay, I'm not telling you what to do, but it helps avoid things like polish gumming up at the neck of the bottle. I like the storage box you have, that's pretty!

  2. Thank you for that information, I've never heard about that. I usually keep my base & tops lying, but the rest of the polishes are standing in the storage box (most of the time) I'll try to find another storage for base & top coats. Tnx again=)


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