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Hi, it's me again. Because I didn't like yesterday's ruffian, I changed it to Essence Thelma. I applied two coats, I had no problems with application.
Here is the picture:

Today I got a mail from KONADomania, that I can meet her in Maribor, because of a special nail polish named Hidden treasure. I've wanted this nail polish foooor soooooo loooon=). And now I finally have it, Tanx again Anita.
Because I wanted it so badly, I had to make special pictures, and here they are:

Here it is on my nails, I really can't look away . I think I will wear this manicure for a very long time...

What is your favorite nail polish, something that you are dying to get?


  1. Hehehe kere hude slikce z lakcom. :D Ravnamo z njimi k z otročki. :P Pa res poživi Thelmo, ki je meni osebno taka pusta, jo uporabljam le za štampiljke. :)

  2. Res je, včasih res z njimi delamo kot z otroci, vsaj jaz=))
    Ta Hidden treasure, sm si ful dolgo želela, zato je pa tudi bilo treba to bolj slavnostno naredit=)
    Thelme še nikoli nisem sprobala, za štemplanje, jo resno morem enkrat =)


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