Mont Bleu from Prague - paradise for nail fanatic

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A while ago I recieved a big package from Mont Bleu company from Prague. 

About the company
The company was born in 2002 in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2007 the company started to make and decorate crystal glass nail files and after that they became more popular among nail fanatics. In 2010 the company expanded its assortment and started decorating and making beauty products, gifts and jewellery and they keep extending their offer and surprise us with new goodies and gift possibilities.

In the package they included a lovely postcard from Praha, which I have yet to visit someday...

 Bubble wrap is their best friend!

What do I mean by that? 
They use bubble wrap a lot, because this was the best secured/protected package I ever received and I really shop on-line a lot. Each file was firstly placed in a handy package than it was wrapped in bubble wrap, than placed in a cardboard box ( if there was another item placed in the box there was literally no free space because of all the bubble wrap). The cardboard box was then placed in another cardboard box which was also filled with bubble wrap. The cardboard box was sealed with duct tape to make sure that the package will come to the buyer in any weather in perfect shape. 

What did I received?
I received (picture below from top to bottom):
cuticle pusher
foot file
large nail file and
mini nail file with Swarovski crystals

I received these files for a review and I was really surprised that I received a set in blue, I mean how did they know that I LOVE blue colour? =)

The products

When looking at their wholesale and store site there is so many products that literally everyone can find something for itself. 
Here is a few products you will definitely love:

This file is meant to remove old skin from feet and I must say that for me it worked wonders. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to removing my dead skin, partially I blame all the products I tried so far, because they did not deliver what I wanted. With this file the story is completely different. I used it for wet filing and it removed my skin really fast, but did not damage it's surface. My skin was soft as a baby's butt
It has 2 different grits on each side one so you can pick the one you like more. It is 16,1 cm long, 3,5 cm wide and 0,8 cm thick so there is literally no way that you can break it . It is also quite heavy. It also comes with a clear plastic pocket to store it.
 This is definitely the product that surprised me the most and in a way it changed my life forever =).

This nail file is from their CLASSIC line. They offer 2 different sizes (big and travel size) an two or three colour combinations. The one below is a classic big nail file it is 13,5 cm long, 1,15 cm wide and 0,2 cm thick. 
I've been using this nail file for 2 weeks now and I must say that I love it! Before this one I was using plastic nail files for quite a long time(I kept on breaking them sometimes 2 a month and it became to expensive for me). It is not to rough but it still takes down the length quite easy and effortless. 

This nail file is a part of their MINI line. It has the same qualities as the nail file above, but it has 2 advantages. It is smaller so it can easily fit in your wallet or purse, and it less likely to break. This one also includes 9 Swarovski crystals wich make it really unique. I already got tons of questions where I got this one. 
Size: Lenght 9 cm. width 1 cm and thickness 2 mm.

This is also a products that surprised me with it's uniqueness. It has a nail file like surface near both ends so when you remove your excess cuticle you can file it away. It can be washed and reused many times so on a long term this is way cheaper than wood sticks.

Why I like Mont Bleu?

High quality nail files (they offer LIFETIME warranty!) 
Innovations and big assortment (Did you know that you can choose your design?)
Beautiful designs
Secure shipping
Cheap shipping (3€)

Because I'm really into nail art I wanted to do a manicure that would match Mont Bleu and the blue set I received. Here is what I created:

I know that the pictures are really bad, but since I already removed this manicure I can not take any other pictures.

Are you as excited as I am?
You can find Mont Bleu on:

This is their official store and here you can find wholesale information.

They were also kind to offer 20% discount code for my readers. Use BLOG at the checkout for your discount


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