Nail Art Wednesdays

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In October I decided that I am going to post a manicure that includes some kind of nail art every Wednesday. I made a list of nail art related items I have at home and numbered them, so now I am going to draw numbers and do some kick ass nail art (I wish).

Here is the list:

  1. Newspaper set from Essence
  2. Cat decals from ebay
  3. Stickers I recieved from my roomate
  4. Silver nail art set from Essence
  5. Glow in the dark stickers
  6. White and Blue stickers
  7. V french tip guides
  8. Butterfly and flowers****
  9. Stud nail wheel from Essence
  10. Stud nail wheel from Essence **
  11. Essence Rhinestones *
  12. Nails in Style foil
  13. Lace foil 
  14. Pink foil
  15. Green foil 
  16. Holo lace foil
  17. Velvet dust
  18. Blue foil*****
  19. Flower foil 1
  20. Flower foil 2
  21. flower foil 3
  22. Chaviar
  23. Gold holo foil
  24. Silver holo foil******
  25. Tie dye foil***
  26. Rainbow swirl foil
  27. Gold nail art set from Essence 
  28. Silver foil from Essence
  29. Gold foil from Essence
  30. Swap rhinestones
  31. Freehand 
  32. Freehand
  33. Freehand
  34. Freehand
  35. Freehand
  36. Freehand
  37. Striping tape
  38. Striping tape
  39. Striping tape
  40. Striping tape
I intentionally added more than one striping tape and freehand art, because here the choices are limitless. I hope I make it to the end and do 40 nail art related manicures =).

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