Look By Bipa Pink Shot and pink glitter dust

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All of you who follow me on Instagram or on Facebook you know that I try to regulary show you pictures of what I got inside my windows . You can go there and check out my new polishes and nail stuff. 

Today I decided to show you neon nail polish I got today in Bipa's advent calendar in combination with pink glitter dust that I got in window 9 (also Look By Bipa)

Here are the pictures of Pink Shock (2 coats)
I had some difficulties with application, but I think despite that I did quite well.

Here are my nails after I added glitter dust. This is not completely what I wanted to achieve, because I wanted to make some geometric patterns, but the base was still a bit wet when I was applying glitter dust, this is why I ended up with randomly adhered dust, but I still like it.

Colours were shifting from gold and  yellow to pink. I must say I'm not a glitter fan, but this glitter dust really impressed me, and I'll definitely try it out again.

What do you think? It is not perfect, but they say practice makes it perfect =)

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