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Lady Queen is an international beauty shop, selling nail art,make-up and tools, jewellery, fashion bags etc. They offer free shipping all over the world. Here is a link to their nail art department where they have tons of nail art related items: stamping plates, glitters, rhinestones, dotting tools, brushes, foils and many other items. I personally think that they offer the biggest selection of nail decalls, which are super easy to use and can give that special cherry on the top to a perfect manicure.

Today I'm going to present you QJ - L084, they cost 1,73$ (with my coupon code they cost a bit under 1,50$)

You can see that inside there are letters in 2 different sizes with flowers and some meaningful words. At the back (didn't take a picture) there are easy instructions on how to use these decals. You seriously can't do anything wrong here!

Here is how I used them:
1. I polished my nails.
2. When they were dried I prepared a cup of water and scissors.
3. I cut out the desired design
4. I put the design in the water.
5. I gently slided the design of the paper and put it on my nails.
6. I applied top coat.

My opinion:

 These decals are really easy to use. This sheet will last me for at least 10 - 15 manicures so this costs less than 20 cents per manicure.  
The only downside I see is that these decals are not reusable.

Because these decals have some meaningful words I decided to make my nails more meaningful. I wrote Joy with decals and added happiness and be happy. I also added some dotted flowers. I like how it turned out.

I used:
Essence My wish List (Base 2 coats)
Revlon Peach Smoothie
Essie Cute as a Button
P2 French Kiss
Essence Wild White Ways
and QJ - L084 decals

For all of my readers Lady Queen offered a coupon code for 15% discount. Use WEXS15 at the checkout. 


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