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Again I'm a bit late with my post from Untried Polish Challenge, but here it is! This time I had to pick up the most expensive from this pile. I paid 10 € for it, because I really wanted it (in my defence, this polish was in my pile only for a few weeks). I do have more Expensive polishes, but they were all already worn at least once.
The most expensive polish is Essie Set in Stones, but because I bought it to layer glitter over other polishes I had to pick up a base polish for it and I decided to go with Essie Lapiz of Luxury. I went Essie all the way! 
Although I'm not a glitter fan, Essie Set in Stones was a must for me, and I'm really happy that I have it =)

I used:
Base Essie Lapiz of Luxury (2 coats)
I sponged 2 coats of Essie Set in Stones on my tips and polished 1 coat over my ring finger.
Here it is, simple but classy =)

The colour is a bit off, but I had difficulties with taking pictures. I hope this won't happen again =)

What do you think? Was it worth the money?

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