Untried Polish Challenge - Cheapest

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Time for another post from Untried Polish Challenge. Today I will show you the cheapest polish I have in my untried polish pile.
It is Joy nail polish that costed me a bit under 1€. Sadly it doesn't have a number on (looks like I scratched the sticker off). 
IT looks wonderful in the bottle, but the application was hellish, not to mention that it smelled badly and it almost had no shine when it dried (at least it dried pretty fast). Because of missing shine I applied top coat for swatches. 
Here it is
Voliare Joy (unknown number) 2 coats
Essence: the gel nail polish top coat ( 1 coat)

It looks great right? I almost forgive it the horror that it caused me =)
Because I just received and image plate for a review and just because I really want Christmas to come (or at least December because I can start opening my advent calendars) I decided to do something more winter like =)

I used:
Base Voliare Joy
Stamping: BarryM Gold Foil and BPL-032

And a bonus picture! When I wanted to take pictures of this nail polish this is what was waiting for me:

Looks like one of my cats wanted to try out how tissue paper reacts to claws =). Thank good I have loads of paper napkins at home =)


  1. haha, odmah mi je palo na pamet da imaš mačku doma ;)
    dobra manikura, i meni su ovi lakić bili super :D

    1. Nail crazy, ti laki so res vredu za svojo ceno. Jih imam kr nekaj na zalogi =).
      Mačke imam dve, ampak samo ena se je izživljala nad to škatlo (večkrat, tako da je zdaj polepljena z debelejšim papirjem)

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