Catrice Rough Luxury Trend Edition

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Ice and fire. Abstract formations of icy landscape come together with a soft and warm femininity.Due to falling temperatures and breathtaking Arctic wilderness, designers offer collections with coarse knitting, gentle decor trends and pieces of faux fur. Excessive sweaters combined with skirts, narrow jeansom or culettes trousers, presented in a modern way, invite you in the cold period of the year. The interplay of contrasting silhouettes, colors and structures create a look that can be translated into the language of beauty with a limited edition "Rough Luxury" from CATRICE. From December 2015 until mid-January 2016, the cold gray tones for smokey eyes combined with a light-colored lips or eyes and gently highlighted in bold lip color oxlood. Shades of cold ... from CATRICE!

Rough Luxury of CATRICE - Soft pressed eye shadow
Game of contrasts. Two palette eyeshadows, each with three perfectly matching colors. One color combinations convince with bright pink and brown shades for daytime look. The second is ideal for the classic smokey eyes - two gray shades and bright base create an exciting look for the evening. Silky texture pressed eyeshadow is slightly elevated and beautiful blur. Available in C01 and C02 Rough Elegance Arctic Shadows (estimated retail price 4,99 €)

Rough Luxury of CATRICE - blush
Layers of beauty. Blush fashion color creates gradual and unique imprint that truly attracts glances. The colors are arranged from dark red to bright colors of rosewood and pink shades. Ideal Beauty Assistant visible rise of freshness on the cheeks. Available in C01 Aurora Polaris. (estimated retail price 4,29 €)

Rough Luxury of CATRICE - Makeup Luminous Lips
Nude vs. Oxblood. Both Luminous Lip lipsticks offer intense color and shine to the lips. The creamy texture is extremely pleasant on the lips. It does not matter whether the light nude shade or deep oxblood red: lipstick perfectly complement any style this winter. Available in C01 and Natural Nude
C02 Rustic Red. (estimated retail price 4.29 €)

Rough Luxury of CATRICE - Oil Lip
Care. Low temperatures damage the sensitive skin of the lips - they can become cracked. Lipgloss is enriched with almond oil and shea butter nourishes the lips that were still soft and fragile. A wonderful scent of vanilla and practical packaging perfect to round up the whole concept. For groomed and shiny result. Available in C01 Cozy Cashmere. (estimated retail price  3.79 €).

And finally something for me and my nails!!!

Rough Luxury of CATRICE - Nail polish
Color contrasts. Nude-rose, oxblood, ice gray and anthracite welcome the winter period and are ideally captured with the new collections of designers. More layered colors - with or without glitter - high overlap and brilliant shine are the benefits of four nail polishes that simply must be products of the last part of this year. Available in Natural Nude C01, C02 Rustic Red, C03 Call Of The Wild Arctic Shadows and C04. (Estimated retail price  2.59 €).

Rough Luxury of CATRICE - Frozen top coat polish
Crystallized. Frozen matte varnish allowing breathtaking, icy designs on nails. Applied over coloured nail polish has a matt effect and leaves behind a delicate, silver sheen. Contact your heart! Available in C01 Frozen Flows. (estimated retail price 3,79 €).

I really can't wait to get my hands on that top coat! What are your favourites?


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