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Yesterday I got a lovely package from Born Pretty Store. 
They sent me 2 Candy Colour Glow in the dark nail polishes for a review (06 and 29)

I decided to try out 29 first, because the colour was amazing.

Here is how it looks on my nails:

At first I didn't even know this nail polish glows in the dark, but after visiting Born Pretty Store I realised that there is something else hidden in this nail polish. Fluorescent particles!

Here is how it looks in dark after light exposure:
Quite impressive right?
I must say that I tried one glow in the dark nail polish before, but this one really surprised me, because once it got charged up with light in glowed on me for a long time. 

My opinion:
  • Dry time: fast
  • Application: a bit tricky, although nail polish is not thick I had a feeling that I ended up with dents and brush strokes ( I applied 2 coats)
  • Smell: a bit smellier than other nail polishes, but I've had far worse
  • Price:  suitable for great glow in the dark effect
  • Glow in the dark effect: I already said it is amazingly durable and visible
  • Packaging: super cute
  • Name: No name ( I really don't like when a polish has a silly number instead of a vivid name)

The final verdict:
I really think this polishes are worth a lot of attention, because glowing effect is really great and the packaging is super cute. They sell variety of shades so every girl can find a shade or two suitable for her.
You can buy them at Born Pretty Store (here), where they sell a lot of nail polish and nail art related products.
If you use my code: DL5X31  you can get them for 4,49$

Can't wait to try out 06 =)


  1. That bottle is adorable! I love the colour too, such a pretty blue. :)

    1. Tess R., You are right! It does look pretty =). And the bottle is pretty as well =)

  2. NicE :)

    I got also 2 BK polishes + one glowing in the dark and BK have very bad quality :/

    1. sabbatha, I haven't tried any other polishes from Born Pretty store than Glow in the dark polishes. I'm really peased with thes ones. I'm really sorry to hear that others aren't as good =(.

  3. Haha pa to cudo stvarno svetli u mraku! xD

  4. Replies
    1. Res je zelo lep =). Komaj čakam da se začne narava prebujati, da ne bo edina živahna barva na mojih nohtih, ampak še kje drugje =)

  5. wow!!!!! i love this really beautiful...
    And hello kitty nail polish i love it i would even buy it for the bottle haha i love it and the glow looks great xxx iris http://nailartbyiris.blogspot.nl/

  6. quite imprressive?
    the effect is just stunning!

  7. I like glowing effect!!!!!!! xx


  8. o m g!!! bočica je preslatka, dovoljno da se zaljubim u lak <3
    a i lak je stvarno fantastičan, super boja i još svijetli u mraku, tko može tražiti više ;)

  9. Jao predobra boja, jos svijetli u mraku :D

    1. Lendoxia, barva je res čudovita, tale bo še velikrat na nohtih (upam) =)

  10. Ma che figoooo! Un paio di anni fa avevo fatto il giro di mezza italia per uno smalto fluo...poi ne trovai uno a firenze se non sbaglio.
    Il tuo in più ha hello kitty che io adoro,quindi ha un pregio! Eli

  11. te lakce sem pred kratkim gledala na BPS, ampak jih potem nisem naročila, me je pa zdaj ta post prepričal da katerega naročim :)

    1. Tele res svetujem. Mogoče ima malce močnejši vonj, kot npr. Essence, ampak vseeno mislim, da je lak še vseeno daleč stran od tega da smrdi. Mene je res navdušil, še posebej kako se sveti v temi =)


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