Fleur De sante

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A while ago I was contacted by Felur De Sante from Slovenia, they offered to send me some samples for a review. Of course I couldn't decline. 
Here is what they sent me:

 There was also a tester for their new Eau de Toalette, but I managed to lose it somewhere. 

I already tested all the products and I think they are great. I especially love cuticle oil, But more you'll find out in my next posts.

Here is also a seek peek on what I'm wearing today. It was pretty easy to create.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Ta manikura je res krasna. :) Se že veselim tvojega posta o teh izdelkih. :D

    1. Hvala =). Posti so že v nastajanjih, prvi bo najvrjetneje že danes, samo glede izdelka se še ne morem odločiti katerega bi izbrala =).

  2. Love your nails! I´d like to try it! ;-)

    I´m following you now. Would you like to follow my blog? xx


  3. I love it it looks sooo wonderful!
    and your cat OMG so adorable :D once we had a lot of cats, now we have a dog, and your cat ist really really sweet :)
    maybe we could follow each other, what do you think? :)



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