Three challenge part 2-2: Favourite book

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It took mi quite a while to get back to my blog. My last few days have been really busy and ful of pretty unpleasant surprises and interruptions. I do hope that next week will be much easier for me =)

I was supposed to post this a few days ago, but I didn't have time to do  my nails 
For this post I had to prepare nails inspired by my favourite book. This is a part of Three challenge by Mateji Ustvarjata

I'm really ashamed, but I haven't read a book that is not related to school for more than 6 months. I used to be a big bookworm, but now I don't have time and energy to read any more. Because I haven't read a while I completely forgot about the great world of books and I couldn't find my favourite book, this is why I decided to pick a random book from my collection ( a very humble one). I ended up with Sushi For Beginners by Mirian Keyes
I don't know why I picked up this one, but I think it has something to do with the fact that this Thursday my friends Sara from Passing Fancy took me and my friend for a sushi in Japanese restaurant ( this is one of rare things that made my week a bit better)
I also broke a nail, so one of them is really short.
Here is what I ended up with:

It's not something I would be proud of, but let's face it, I'm not good at nail art =)

I used:
Catrice: sold out forever
acrylic paints

Here are other girls that put their fav books on their nails:


  1. Such an original choice - a how-to book, instead of fiction! and I love the little sushi rolls you made - they are soo cute!

  2. This is such an original mani,great idea,well done!

  3. Jaz pa mislim, da si ful dobro interpretirala knjigo, zelo lepo izgleda.

    Glede branja te pa razumem. Jaz mislim, da bom zdaj po ene 4,5 mesecih končno lahko prebrala nekaj svojega, zanimivega, kar ni povezano s faksom. Saj sem brala veliko knjig za faks, ampak te običajno ne bi bile moja izbira.

    Upam, da bo ta teden lep in boljši kot prejšnji. :)

  4. dobar ti je ovaj sushi :-D
    knjigu nisam čitala... možda jednom i dođe na red ;)
    ne bih se baš složila s tvrdnjom da nisi dobra u nail artu - možda zavisi od trenutne inspiracije... evo prva mi na pamet padne ona tvoja gusjenica - pa to je bilo genijalno *.*

  5. Super manikura, sploh suši mi je super! :D
    Mislim, da imamo vse enake težave z branjem, jaz sem bila letos prvič poleti brez izpitov in sem si koooončno lahko privoščila. :)

  6. Wonderful post dear.
    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway :)

  7. aaa. šele danes vidla tole manikuro. SUPER JE!! :D

    xo Deja
    Deja Zu

  8. That sushi mani is awesome! You are so good and have such different ideas, I love it!

  9. They're really great!! I love that green.

    I'll add that book at my "next books" list :)

  10. Wow! Such an awesome idea! Love it :)

  11. Aaaaw so adorable and they look so yummy :D
    I love this :)

  12. Haha kok kjut :) Čist super manikura je tole. Upam, da bojo naslednji dnevi boljši :

  13. lovely blog! Your nails look amazing:) xx

  14. Aaawh this is the most amazing nailart I've seen recently! Actually, I really like most of your nailarts a lot :D I would love to follow each other, what do you think?

    Hope you'll drop by soon,


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