How I make nail polish rings?

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Tassa from Tassa's blog asked me how I make nail polish rings
Here is a quick picture "tutorial" for all of you who are wondering the same =)

This are itemes that I use:
2 phase glue from UHU, ring mounting, glass cabochon and of course nail polish, IP and stamper and scraper =) 

I ordered my ring components on They offer low prices and free shipping. Some items came crooked, but I don't care since I got them almost for free =)
I dodn't know about this store until someday kind Junija from Ars cosmetica told me about this store, and I must say that I'm still grateful for it =)

This is how this ring setting looks like. In the store you can find it here, but if you are looking for other shapes or different colours, you can look here. They really have a lot of items to offer
 A picture with the back of the ring and glass cabochon. 
You can find this specific cabochon here and all the others they offer here

The setting of bigger rings isn't really well welded ( only with these antique fancy looking settings), this is why I secure that back with a dose of glue. I hope you'll be able to see the glue on the setting. This really works, and with this technique these will last you for a long time. I usually wait overnight for the glue to dry.

Now off to the "tutorial"
Firstly I pick a design and transfer it on the glass cabochon. What I like about glass it that you can make mistakes! Plastic usually turns white or lose shine, but not with glass. You can use it as many times you want!
I picked a design from BM plate series 2 (can't remember the number right now) and Konad special black polish

After the stamping dried a bit, I added a layer of polish I wanted for a background. You have to be really careful in this step, because design can be easily smudged! 

After the first layer dries apply another coat of nail polish if necesary

Leave over night to dry
When dry apply a little bit of glue and wait again at least 3 hours to dry.

This is what you got!
A nail polish ring!
This is how it looks on my hands:

I's not perfect, but not bad ether!
What do you think?

Here are some of my other creations:

I made many more, but silly me, I forgot to take pictures!

I paid about 1$ for this ring, if I include glue, nail polish, everything

My overall opinion:

+a lot of items to chose from
+really cheap, where can you get a unique ring of you choice for 1$?
+they look great, especially the ones I have
+easy to work with
+you can adjust size, I'm really happy about this, because usually no ring fits me
+ free shipping
+I also ordered a normal cabochon setting and the ones are welded amazingly well!
+Glass cabochon allow mistakes
+ if you use stickey glue dost, the whole set can be used again and again
+ on their site they always have the right size cabochon or setting on the right side of the window, so there is no way you could order wrong sized parts

although there are some negative parts:

-it sometimes takes a long time that the package gets to you
-some items are crocked, but I got only 2 and I think I ordered at least 50 items
-Some parts are badly welded, but as I said this can be easily fixed
- some parts are not welded straight, but under different angles, but this also doesn't bothers me

I'm really impressed with this store so I'll definitely make a purchase in the near future =)

P.S. I already contacted the store if I can get a discount for my readers, I'll let you know if they will be so kind to offer a discount coupon =)


  1. This is so awesome! I've always loved nail polish rings, but always thought they were really complicated to make. Thanks for the tutorial and all the info. Your rings are gorgeous by the way :)

  2. Wow! you are really creative! :) I love what you did with these glass rings! :)

    Please visit my blog too! :)

  3. krasni su ti, dobar tutorijal i pregled :-D
    ja nisam odavno napravila ništa sama... baš sam se ulijenila :-(

  4. That's really great! :)

  5. Wow! thanks for sharing!
    it sounds interesting! perfect for homade and pursesaving gifts!!

  6. Kako so lepi :) Hvala za link od te strani, nisem vedela zanjo, sem si enkrat naročila prej ebaya, ampak je tu bolj poceni.

  7. I LOVE THIS!!!!

    I love the last one especially cause I love the different colors in it :)
    So lovely :)

  8. those are beautiful! such a great idea!

    <3 Melissa

  9. Hvala, za ta tutorial... :) Saj videla sem ga že prej, sam oglasila se nisem. :) Imam samo eno vprašanje glede lepila in obročka za prstan. A tam že na zadnjo stran naneseš lepilo (na sliki s časopisom v ozadju)? Zakaj? Da bolje drži?
    Drugače so pa več kot lepi in super vsi tvoji prstančki... <3

    P.S. Paketek še čakam... :)

    1. Tassa, sem že zgoraj napisala, da so pri teh starikastih prstani delčki zelo slabo zvarjeni med seboj, zato pa dam nekaj lepila tudi na zadnjo stran da se ne odlomi, ker potem res nima smisla če se odlomi =).


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