Something really, really old!

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This is probably one of the oldest pictures I have to show you. It is about 4 months old. OMG! This really reminds me on how long have I been absent.
It was taken before this manicure and it is a part Essence Blossoms LE. Because of this LE I became crazy over pastel polishes( which I hated before) and now I LOVE them =).
2 coats of Essence Bloom a loom stamped with Essence Purple Magic. I'd write the number of the plate, but I forgot the number, and I'm not in the mood to look it up =(.

Sorry that the pictures aren't perfect!
 Have a nice day!


  1. Gorgeous! I still have this in my untrieds!

  2. zeloooo zelo všečno :D:D

  3. i'm sad since this collection was not sold here in italy :(

  4. i mene je ove sezone uhvatila manija pastelnih lakića ;-)
    krasan je!

  5. Predivan je, imam minty i lila iz te kolekcije. :)

  6. Amber, thank you =). I hope this beauty comes on your nails asap =)

    Urša, hvaaaaala =). Res lepo od tebe, da me kdaj obiščeš tukaj =)

    alice, I have a backup, if you are interested in swapping it let me know =)

    Nail crazy, res ne vem kaj je s temi pastelnimi laki letos. Povsod jih je polno, pa so nam zlezli pod kožo =)

    Just me and Hohner, Blossoms LE je bila res čudovita, kot lanska Cute as hell =)

    rmcandlelight, thank you =)


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