Rock Star

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Confetti vava voom. 2 coats and B02 with Essence stamp me black .
As you can see, I'm still learning how to use my LB ( the first picture is the most color accurate)

This is a song called Rockstar  from Nickelback, which is one of my favourite bands. (also inspiration for the name of the post)

Though the upper song matches the title of the post, this is the song that I find more manicure appropriate ( I was thinking about this song when making it)
IMO, Pink has some really good song. And I really like her style.
How do you feel about Pink?

I will probably not be posting until Thursday, because I'm expecting a busy week, and I'm already exhausted =).


  1. svidja mi se cijela rockstar tema :) a lijep je i lak

  2. Slatka manikurica,a odabrala si i meni neke od najdražih izvođača :-)

  3. wow what top coat are you using? its so shiney!

    I like pink too! some of her songs are super awesome and makes me want to do something go the gym..which i never want to do =)

  4. I love Pink:) she is sooo funny:) ..I love her music videos:)

  5. wow! i really like stars!
    it remebers me "rockabilly" :D

  6. Wow, I love your nails! <3 And the songs are great! I have a little surprise for you in my blog, so I´d be happy if you cheched it! :D

  7. Lendoxia, hvala ti ^-^

    Nail crazy, vidim da imava podoben okus za glasbo =)

    April k, thank you =D

    shortwidenails, sorry it took me so long to answer your qusetion. I usially use Essie Good to go. It's really expensive here, but I think it is worth the money =).

    Pink pumps me with energy too. I'd really like to meet her some day, just to see how wild she is =)

    Pink_Diamond, Totally agree, tny for the comment. =)

    Alice, tnx. It reminds me od rockabilly too=)

    Katy, you are soo sweet to give me award.Thank you for your comment on my nails( I just cut them down, and they'll be nude for at least 2 weeks).

  8. Gorgeous! I love how you managed to make it look rock-star-ish even though the base colour is pink! Somehow the combi of pink + black stars just makes it stand out :)

  9. Musicalhouses, thank you. The stars were really popping out =)

  10. Beautiful!!

    I love stars pattern :)

  11. Kamila, I like them too, tnx for all the comments =)


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