Dusty nails

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we all know that H&M sometimes serves us with nail polishes. Because I was in the search for summer nail polishes I went H&M, but I found something completely different there. I found duo nail polish, and because I fell in love with the color combination, and because I didn't own any duo nail polishes I decided I'm going to take it home with me. I just had to apply it yesterday. And because these two colours look perfect together I tried to do some plaid design on my nails, but I completely failed.
These are both practically one coaters! Application is average in general, but great for a pastel polish. They dried really fast, and are really good for stamping. I definitely had to buy a back up =).
Price: 2,95€
Here is my attempt of nail art:

Did I mentioned that I love this grey colour? I'm not a fan of grey, and this is probably the first grey I like =).

Tomorrow I'm going to show you a crackle manicure with Depend nail polish and this dusty pink =)


  1. sjajan je duo, svidjaju mi se i roza i siva, roza pogotovo, a i accent nail je super

  2. nisem vedla, da ima H&M duo lakce....no povej potem še kako so kvalitetni?:)

  3. I really like pink and grey together :-)

  4. Love it! I don't think you failed!

  5. lepa kombinacija :) ta lak sem nekaj časa nazaj gledala na H&M strani in mi je takoj padel v oči

  6. ajme, meni je ovo super kombinacija :-D
    aha, sad ćeš još i sivce zavoljet ;-)

  7. This is so cute! I absolutely love pink-gray combo. :)

  8. I love what you did with these two colors

  9. I think the bottle is cute :D The pink is amazing and lately I am totally into grey so this is a perfect combination. Thank you for showing.

  10. like like like :))) Kje si kupila ta lakec?

  11. Everything about this is adorable. Even if I hated the colours I would contemplate buying it because of the packaging.

  12. I love this Nail Art design!! The colours go together so well!



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