Love at first sight + GA winner + Ivana's gift

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Because it took me almost a week to find my camera USB cable, I wasn't able to post anything new, but now I found it, and now I don't know where to start, because I got a lot of material to show you =).

After a while I decided that I'll show you pictures of my new favourite NP, and  I'll also show you pictures from the polishes that Ivana brought me on our first meeting, but I think that this wasn't the last =), but firstly I have to announce the winner of my GA.

The winner of my giveaway is LemonyEmily from Emily's Nail Files.


Now as promised I have to show you pictures from my new favourite NP-CG DV8. I fell in love with this polish from the pictures on the internet from many different bloggers and I really wanted it badly, and I got it thanks to Ivana. Ivana thank you again for this beauty(this was the only pink looking colour I found). I really love it, I know it looks gorgeous on some pictures, but IRL it is even more gorgeous. I just loveeeee it =). Now I'd like to have all nail polishes from OMG collection. China Glaze why did you discontinued this line? You can't do this to us?

Ok, I'll stop tallking and I'm going to show you the pictures, but I must warn you that the holo effect on the first 3 pictures isn't the best, because the sun wasn't at it's best when I took the pictures. 

Because the sun wasn't helping me a lot, I decided that I'll boost the holo with some flash pictures. Here is what I got:

What do you think about this one?
Ivana thank you again.

As I mentioned before, I met with Ivana a bit more than a week ago in LJ, and she is really the sweetest girl I've met. We only had one hour, and it went by too fast. All we can do now is to wait on another meeting =). 
She also brought a loot of polishes to me, and not only to try them out, but as a gift.
 Here are the pictures of what she brought to me:
Born Pretty store liners

From L to R: China Glaze: Mommy Kissing Santa, S-he 454 and China Glaze DV8 <3

Ivana thank you again! You are the sweetest!

P.S. I just reached 400 followers, now you can get ready on 400+ followers GA very soon =)


  1. Congrats to the winner, love the nail colour!

  2. That polish is really amazing :D I like the combo between blue and holo! And, btw, your nails look beautiful :)
    Have a nice day!

  3. Prekraaaaaasen je. Želim si, da bi ga tudi jaz imela. :)Ivana ti je prinesla veliko lepotcev. :)

  4. Super je tale dv8, čeprav na meni mi ni bil všeč :(

  5. predobar, ne znam zašto sam ga preskočila :-)

  6. Wiii, res ti paše, no sem prepričana da je šel v prave roke. :)

  7. Hi! Sorry for replaying to your comments so late *blush*

    Silence is loud: I love it tooooo =)

    Minty: DV8 is really amazing =)). And ivana is really sweet =)

    Vintage Makeup, this one is reall pretty =)

    Elsa P. thank you for such a lovely comment =)

    Taya, res je, ivana je res prinesla pravi zaklad =)

    Biba, se popolnoma strinjam s komentarjem =)

    With love Ana, res škoda da ti ni bil preveč všeč na nohtih, jaz se vedno počutim tako ko nosim belo ali oranžno =)

    Nail crazy: tudi jaz ne vem zakaj ti je tale ušel =)

    Ivana, še enkrat ti hvala ( kot da tega že nisem velikokrat ponovila) =)))


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