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Firstly I'd like to say thank you to all the girls that wished me luck on my Physics 1 exam. I passed =). So for a reward I could buy myself up to 5 polishes on cosmetic fair that was this Sunday. I will show you what I got in my next post.

For today I have only pictures of Milani Digital. I applied 3 coats, no TC added. It applied easily, but didn't last long on me( I got chips the first day, but it might be my fault since I didn't use base coat)
Here are the pictures:
I was able to get the last sun rays of the day =)

The pictures show above were shot on sunset so there is a lot of yellow and orange light in it. I also took pictures of lacura polish in that light and the color there is way off, so I'll have to re swatch it again, but that is not a problem for me=)

In my LB, accurate color:

Don't you just love it?
I have to say thank you to Rebecca form Goose's glitter twice for that polish. I didn't know that Milani has a line of this amazing holo polishes and she kindly offer them to me, and she also sent me 2 beauties from this line=)

I'm sorry for not commenting on your gorgeous posts lately, but I was really lazy lately. I promise I'll get back on track =)


  1. This one looks better on you than it does in the bottle. I might have to pick this one up after all.

  2. Ö Kaaaaaaaaaaaako je lep!!! <3 Pa še paše ti. :) Thank you Rebecca from me too, I would never see this polish if you wouldn't send it to her. :) Yay! :)))

  3. Awww, you're so welcome!! It looks wonderful on you! :o)

  4. It kind of reminds me of Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection by OPI, but I like this one better! :)

  5. prekrasan :) doduse malo proziran koliko vidim po prvim slikama :(

  6. Ladies, thank you for your kind comments =)

    Goose, tnx again =)

    Lendoxia, mogoče bi še res bila potrebna 3 plast =)

  7. LOVE IT !!!
    super je lakic :D
    odličan ti je blog postala sam follower :D
    posjeti moj ako te znama ljepota :D

  8. CopyCat, hvala ti, tudi dvoj blog je meni všeč =)


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