Born Pretty Dici nail polish in Classical red REVIEW

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Hi, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have to write a review on some products that I received from Born Pretty store. Today I will review a DICI nail polish in Classical red, but firstly I'd like to show you a picture of the products I got.

From 1 to 4, DICI Classical red, O.B.I melon flavoured nail polish remover, Kelier black crackle polish and  Strawberry flavoured cuticle oil
I think that I got quite a generous package. I decided that I'll start reviewing no.1 and finish with no.4. 

This is my first review so pleas warn me if I forget to mention something that might be important to you.=)

Born Pretty is one of many internet stores that sell nail art and nail care related items( they sell other beauty related items as well).They claim that they manufacture nail art products and sell them at the best price and provide the best service.  I totally agree with their statement, because I really think that their products aren't expensive, not to mention that they have special coupon codes and offer quantity discounts.  I was also really impressed with their service, Jessica Tan is really a kind person and is always there to answer any questions that may appear. Since you all know that if nail polishes aren't nicely secured  during the shipping , bottles can easily break, but my polishes were so secured that even I a really strong guy with a hammer wouldn't hurt them =). I think that this is a really important factor for me when deciding to buy a nail polish online.
 I have to mention only one thing, the SHIPPING is FREE! 

To continue with my first reviewing victim. I decided that I'll start wit DICI Classical red 048, because I'm a sucker for shimmery reds =). 
I applied 2 coats of polish. The brush is long and no too wide so there were no problems with application. The polish dried pretty fast. 
I just love the colour of this one, and the shimmer adds depth to the polish.

Here are the pictures:

The polish it self is quite shiny, but I just wanted to compare the shine of the polish with the shine that polish gets when top coat is applied.

Here is what happend:

pinkie and middle finger are with Essie G2G, ring and index finger are without TC. You can see, that  TC makes the shimmer more visible and makes polish a bit more brighter. 
It contains 16ml of polish
The price: 
1+ 2.85$
3+ 2,97$
5+ 2.73$
10+ 2.59$

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Next: O.B.I. nail polish remover

(This product was sent to me to review from Born Petty store)


  1. Lep rdečko. Se mi zdi, da mu daje TC malce pridih oranžne (ali pa je to le slika?). Me prav zanima, kako izpade efekt s Kelier crackle lakom.

  2. opa :) a to si prav dobla za reklamo naredit?;) kak dobr!:D

  3. Zara, I think so too =)

    Taya, Prav vidiš, res malo "povleče" na oranžno, jaz in opisovanje barv sma vrjetno dva največja sovražnika =(.
    Tale crackle lak je super, ampak ga ne znam pripraviti do tega, da bi naredil take razpoke kot jih želim =)

    Passing fancy, ja, prav za reklamo delat sm dobla, se men tud prav dopade =).

  4. nice color of red!!
    I can't wait to see your review about the crack polish!

  5. vise mi se svidja sa TC, krasna crvena :)

  6. Z nadlakom je zelo lepa, dobit tak bakren pridih. :)

  7. Renate, thank you =)

    nail crazy, se strinjam

    LEndoxia, z TC je res še lepši =)

    Ulimel, kaj bi dala, da bi lahko tako dobro opisovala barve =). Tudi meni je z nadlakom bolj všeč =)


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