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I bet you have seen this polish a million times, but you haven't seen it yet on my blog=)
So I proudly present Essence: Choose me to you. I applied 3 coats, but my tips are still visible a bit. I forgive it just because it is so beautiful

Here are the pictures:

I was asking myself how it looks matte, so I mattified it. Here it is how it looked( I used Essie: Matte about you)

But because I couldn't decide which one I like better, I put on a shiny top coat( pinkie and middle finger)
I still don't know whether I like it more when matte or shiny=)
Which verson do you like more?


  1. i matter now many times i see this polish..i'll still love it! haha

  2. Meni sta obe verziji všeč :) škoda samo da ni tako prekriven...res ne marama lakcev, ki jih je treba nanesti več kot 2x! :)

  3. OMG! beautiful color! I have watched today colors form essence and I like two ;) one is very similar to your but a little bit lighter;)

  4. Such a pretty color - I don't care if I see it a hundred more times! I'm partial to shiny, so I'm gonna go with that, but this polish has such depth, the matte isn't bad.

  5. Lep je, lep! Mislim pa, da imam raje shiny verzijo. :) Ampak ga je res tako težko poslikat! xD

  6. Hey, I'm a new follower, you have a really cute blog :)
    I love this polish! It's beautiful both matte and shiny. As another reader mentions, it doesn't matter how many times this polish is shown, it just gets prettier! :)

  7. Katrina, tnx allot, I think that I could never got tired of looking at this one ether =)

    sparkle, tudi jaz ne maram preveč lakov, ki jih je treba nanesti v veliko slojih, ampak temu to z lahkoto oprostim=)

    shopaholic dream, the other one is called Glisten up, I used it for layering a few posts ago. I can swatch it alone if you want? =)

  8. Megan, this polish is really something special, I don't know why I waited soo long to try it out. I have to use it for layering...=)

    Ivana, Res ga je težko poslikati=). Js se pa še kr ne morem odločiti katera verzija mi je bolj všeč=)

    Jette, Tnx for you compliment, lovely comment and for becoming my follower =)

  9. i've never seen it before. i thought it was Charla! very nice :)

  10. OMG, I am glad I didn't bought Charla.
    This one is so affordable and beautiful!
    Looks great as matte too.

  11. Enamel girl, it really is a dupe for Charla( I saw comparison on Parokeets blog)=)

    Arie, This one really cost less( In Slovenia Essence is 1,5€ and Zoya is 13€) =). Good bless Essence=)

  12. i love both versions!! wah.. this color is really the best. :D

  13. xnosugaraddedx, thank you for your comments<3


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