Blue My Mind + konad

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I loved the color of Blue My Mind, but because I just realized how many stamping plates I have, I had to do some stamping on it. I used Konad m74 plate and Essence Stampy polish: Stamp me white.

Here are the pictures:

I think this is the only design I like from m74 plate. 

Do you own m74 plate? How do you feel about the designs on it?

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  1. Popolna kombinacija! In kako čist odtis! Ö

    Tale vzorček je res lep, zato sem to platko že dodala na WL. :D

  2. joj bas prekrasno izgleda i sam lak i konadikura

  3. this is my favorite one too. so cute with white and blue. i haven't tried the others yet. i'm trying to think of something to do with them.

  4. Super manikura,meni se skroz sviđa :-)

  5. Ivana, hvala, ampak se mi zdi, da morem odtise še malo vaditi =)

    Katarina, thank you =D

    Lendoxsia, hvala =)

    Enamel girl, tnx, I didn't figure out what to do with the rest too ^-^

    ABOP, thank you even more =D

    Ania, tnx for commenting :D

    Nail crazy, Hvala :)

  6. Very nice!!! I don't have Konad plate :-( but only essence and this stamp is pretty!!! I love blu!! ^_^

  7. lovemakeup24, tnx, Essence plates have good designs too, I can't wait that they'll start selling the new plates =)

  8. really pretty red and neat application :)


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