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Hi, I'm back with another nail art design, which is really simple. I have to study a lot, that's why I am a bit lazy with my posts, I promise I'll get better =). I broke my nail, so now they are shorter, but I am happy that my nail didn't break even higher in the nail bed, because that would really made me sad.
Here are the pictures of the things I used:

Essence: My little orchid, Gosh: Vanilla ice for stripes, which were drawn with striper( that wooden stick- I didn't pay attention on the striper while making a photo, so the brush head is missing), S-he 465 quick dry and 2 rhinestones.
In this picture the color is somewhere near the real color, but still I couldn't catch the right color.
There are no pictures in the sun, because it is raining. Instead I took one with flash.


  1. Lepo! Všeč mi je, ker je dodatek le na enem nohtu kot pika na i!

  2. Hvala, se mi je zdelo, da bo prekičasto če bo na vseh=)


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