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Here is the first picture of our new member Meggie. I'm sorry about the quality of the picture, but this is the best I could get so far.

IMO she is a really beautiful kitty. Her blue eyes made me instantly fall in love with her.
I am a bit worried, because she is meowing all the time, and it seems like she is crying, because she misses her mother, and she needs company, but I don't have time, to be with her all the time. At least she is drinking some milk, and I don't have to worry that she will starve to death.


  1. Ja kok je pa lepa! Vse majhne mucke so mi lepe, ampak tale... <3 Pa kere modre okice, oh srček mali! Kako so jo lohka sploh zapustil. :(

  2. Mene je res popolnoma očarala, sem prav vesela, da je začela normalno jest, in je že prav domača=)
    Tud js ne razumem, kako so lahko tk lepo bitje zavrgli=(((

  3. This eyes are amazing, everyone notices the eyes of this cat first. Before this cat I've seen many on them, but none of them had blue eyes. =)


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