Konad fail!!

3:14 PM colorfulbottle 6 Comments

Today it is my birthday, and I wanted something special on my nails, but I totally failed. I used Essence Groovy as a base and Catrice It blue my mind and konad m73 image plate for stamping . I applied groovy in two coats, but I had difficulties with first coat.
Here is the result:
in the sun
in the shadow
and another in the sun


  1. Vse najboljše! Pa res ni fail! Lepa kombinacija je!

  2. Hvala za želje, sj če bi vse delalo kot bi moglo, in bi se dale slike povečat( kr naeenkrat se ene dajo, in druge spet ne pri vedno istem postopku), bi vidla kk pri mal večji povečavi zgleda=)

  3. Vse najboljše! Malo z zamudo. :)

    Sam tole res ni fail! ;) Super je!

  4. Hvala za komentar, čestitko in folow =)


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