another all over konad

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I got a lovely gift from my friend for an internet store which sells konad supplies and nail polishes, and I had to spend it( like it was all that difficult). I bought 2 China Glaze nail polishes, 3 konad image plates, and one Zoya. I was very eager to try one of the plates, especially M64 with those lovely flowers. I tried it, and I loooove the result. I used Catrice: Poison me, Poison you, over thre coats of CG IDK.

IDK looked quite boring when it wasn't exposed to sun, but this konad fixed that too=)
Isn't it pretty?


  1. wow I love that design! The only plates I have are Bundle Monster fauxnad ones. I should get to buying some Konad ones!

  2. Krasno! Meni je ta vzorček najljubši! <3

  3. @ Janna: I love it too it is one of my favorites. Konad has some pretty patterns that are worth buying,I don't have any BM plates but I wish I would have them because they are lovely too.

    @ Ivana: Moj tud, sem si ga želela ko sem prvič kupila te platke, vendar jih niso meli na zalogi. Sem ga pa zaj dobla, bo pa zaj bolj pogost spremljevalec mojih manikur.

  4. That is gorgeous!!! Great job !!


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