Essence: Thirsty

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Today I am wearing a red nail polish called thirsty, it is from Essence LE Eclipse, and I must admit, that it made me thirsty although that I'm not a vampire. It is a beautiful dark red, I am wearing it for the second time now. Firs time I had real problems with application, and I really thought, that I'll never wear this polish again. But I really can't hate a nail polish, so I decided I'll give it a second chance. It didn't let me down this time, and I must also say, that the first time I applied nail polish I had a really bad day for polishing, because today I had no problems with application at all, but still the clean up was a bit messy which I think is normal for all red polishes. It was opaque in one coat, I added second coat just out of a habit. I also decorated it with fauxnad plate B16, for stamping I used Romeo.On to I added a coat of Essence quick dry top coat.

with Romeo
Fauxnad plate


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