Essence Kiss Under the Mistletoe and Add on Magic!

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Today I'll show you how I used Essence Kiss Under the Mistletoe from my Advent Calendar.

Here is how it looks on my nails (I applied 2 coats)

Dark green creme nail polish in my opinion ideal for some nail art...

Because I received my purchase from RockNailStar I decided to use some of their stencils. 
Here is the outcome: 

I used stencils from spiraly and volny sheets. And Essence Add on Magic! from advent calendar (1 coat).

It looked way more beautiful in real life. I'm really sorry I couldn't capture this in the picture, because I'd really love for you to see it.

Isn't Add on Magic! pretty? I love it and can't wait to try it over some other colours. I do hope this one gets in their regular line, because I think that it will be hot merchandise! 

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