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Another month has passed and it is time to show you how many polishes joined my stash this month. I must say that this month I am seriously over the budget, but I think it was worth it!

First I'm going to show you polishes that I got as a birthday gifts:
From my friend Sara (she has an amazing blog if you don't know) I got 4 kiko polishes. Kiko is one of my favourites, because they are really long-lasting on my nails! 
no: 29,38, 32 and 20
 From my college friends I received a Depend holo. I must say that buying a polish for a nail polish junkie is like a lottery. There is a high possibility that she already has this shade, but they did it! I don't own this one and I LOVE it!
depend 2033

I also went shopping to Graz, thanks to my friend Sara! I bought a lot of nail polish brands that I haven't had an opportunity to try out. I bought:
Essie Set in Stones with free Good to Go (5 mL), Anny private party, Yves Rocher Pivoine nacre, Marionnaud Vert effronte
Misslyn smotthie nail polish in Sweet blacberry and yummy cherry, Look by Bipa in Glitter turquise, glitter gold and glitter lilac
and also Look by Bipa advencalendar that you can see in the last picture!

I also did some shopping on Destination Pretty! Finally! I was looking at this store for quite some time and finally decided to make a purchase. I bought these 2 pretties!
Etude House: PPK007 and Sally Hansen Extreme wear Rockstar Pink 

And finally! The grand finale! I bought 3 advent calendars! I know I'm crazy, but I couldn't resist any of them. Bipa was my first one and I had to buy it in case if I could not get anyone else (I also like Bipa), next it was Ciate which was a good bargain. With a code( which is sadly not valid any more) I got it for a bit more than 35€. And of course I had to my Essence calendar. Essence was the brand that got me started and I'm still loyal to it. And it never disappoints!

I'm crazy right?
What would you like to see first?


  1. Uuu koliko bleščic :). Jaz bi ful rada videla kaj je v Bipa koledarju. Ne vem, če ga boš prej odprla, ampak mene firbec matra. Nočem kupit dokler ne vem da mi bodo stvari všeč :)

    1. Sem ga že odprla na strani. Vsebuje rdeč in črn krem lak, belega s srebrnim shimmrom. Potem pa vsebuje 2 bleščičasta laka zlatega in srebrnega (spominja na Essie set in stones). Dvojne kaviar prelice, dvojne nail art nalepke (jaz imam samo ene, ker zgleda da so v mojega pozabili dati darilo za 24 december), fimo božiček in fimo sladorna palčka, pa ene par posodic z bleščičami (mislim da neke zvezdice), potem pa še pilica in toe separator =). Pa verjetno še kaj, sem pozabila na vse. Lahko poslikam če želiš. Osebno se mi zdi, da je to kr fajni set za nekega amaterja in začetnika, ker imaš notri osnovne barve za podlago in veliko nail art stvari =)

    2. Uuu hvala za odgovor :). Mislim da sem dobila okvirno idejo. Imaš prav res bolj za začetnike. So dogaja taki osnovni odtenki, jaz pa sem mislila da bodo kakšni bolj nori in da bo več lakov. Hvala ;).

  2. krasni noviteti :D
    moram provjeriti ima li i kod nas ovih kalendara, mislim da mi treba barem jedan ;)

  3. satta kingEverything is pollinating which makes it impossible to avoid breathing pollen laden air, so your best defense is probably medication.

  4. Soch milni chahiye
    dil toh apne aap hi mil jaate hai.! Play bazaar
    satta king


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