Nail Art Wednesdays #4

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For today's nail art I draw number 26 which lead me to Rainbow Swirl nail art foil. I got this one in a swap in 2011 and since then it was love and hatred between the two of us. I really like how it looks, but I seriously hate the application.

Firstly I have to appology about my pictures and my nails. I was picking apples and it has taken a tool on my nails, they are really super short right now. I also seriously hurt my cuticle in the picture I tried to cover that up with a watermark, but the red is still noticeable,

For this manicure I used:
Alessandro Green Green Baby (2 coats)
Rainbow Swirl Foil

I really don't like how this one turned out, but I had to show it to you, since I had no time to make something else. I was seriously mad when foil wrinkled when I applies top coat. I'm seriously never using this foil again!

Have a lovely day!

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