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I was supposed to write this post a long time ago, but with my writing speed you know that everything comes with at least one month of delay =). At least I share things with you, this matters too right?

Now, where should I start?

My friend Sara from Passing Fancy got really excited upon Korean brands, so we decided to buy some. Sara found a lovely blog that sells Korean brands and contacted Cristina the blog owner if she ships to Slovenia, and when she said yes, you can imagine how quickly we ended up with a long list of polishes =)

I'll tell you more about lovely Cristina in the end of the post, but first let's take a look at the pictures =)

I bought:
Tony Molly: Shooting star, Milky way and Pinky star

Close up on Pinky star
 and on Shooting star

And Milky way on my nails =)
Don't ask me about how many coats I used, because I forgot, but I assure you that there were at least 3 =)

 Next are: Etude House Pettite darling 505, Skin Food Puppy Purple ( this one was chosen by Cristina), Peripera Matallic green ( P019)
Close up on Puppy Purple
and Etude House 505

And these are all bonus polishes I got from Cristina! Can you imagine the look on my face when I saw this polishes! 
Etude House pp901, ( I'm not sure what brand is this, but it is a lovely glittery polish with pink hearts =))), innisfree 108 and 97(flakes)

Close up on the flakes:
Can't wait to put it over red polish!

 Tried to do a close up on the hearts, but I failed =(

and 108

 And that is not all!
Cristina also included loads of samples! I've been using them all month and I think I'm not close to an end =)

I just love baking powder cleaning foam! It smells divine and does the work wonderfully =)

Now after seeing this lovely polishes you are probably curious where to get these items?

Because this items were bought in a blog shop I decided I'll present this store on a bit more personal level =)
I decided to ask Cristina a few questions that you might be interested in

Here is what she replied to me:

My name's Cristina (aka tadukhipa) ad I'm actually from Romania and I came here 4 years ago as a student. However after 1 year I had to go back home to graduate from university. And while I was there I tried getting korean makeup without bothering my korean friends too much but the sites that were available at the time had super high prices and the shipping was also expensive so when I returned (to get married to my fiance:P) I knew I was going to be here for a long time so I thought why don't I just do the whole blog shop thing.  Actually in the first few months I wasn't even making profit at all but then I met my partner who has been in Korea for 6 years and managed to expande the 'business' and it turned into
The reason we don't want to do the whole online shop where u just click and add to cart is because we prefer the more human interaction where people know exactly what's going on with their order and what options they have. ^^
My partner has an office around Eehwa station where are tons of cosmetics store and we just get the stuff from there and we pack it in her office/storage room. About shipping I can't really give an estimate because it depends on item (liquid/solid etc), weight, size and shipping options (bubble mailer - cheapest, no tracking, items like sprays, toner etc cannot be shipped with this, 10-14 days, extra fees are usually not the case but it depends by country;  EMS - box, tracking, a bit on the expensive side but the safest and fastest, takes 3-5 days,  only exception is sprays everything else can be shipped by this method;  Surface - box, very cheap, takes 2-3 months however, limited tracking, only exception is sprays everything else can be shipped by this method) 
At the moment we only have the blog  and the facebook page and we also have a twitter account and a pinterest one too .

I do hope you like this approach =)

Here is my opinion:
This was a very pleasant experience! I had fun looking at her blog and deciding what to choose. With some polishes it was hard to decide, because the pictures are sometimes small and there aren't a lot of swatches on-line  but I think I picked just perfect polishes =). I firstly wanted Lioele Matte nail polish, but it wasn't on stock this is why I decided to trust Cristina's taste in polish and I said to her to send me on Skin Food nail polish of her choice, and you can see that her taste in polish is just amazing! She got me something I don't have and is really beautiful, and I have to admit this is really hard since I probably have like 300+ polishes =). . The only downside of this purchase was the fees. Since it wasn't a purchase in EU, we had to pay about 1$ for a polish more, but I also think it was worth it =). Not to mention I got loads of free things, beautiful free things =).
Did I mention that Cristina got us 5$ discount?

What are waiting for? check out  The Cutest Makeup 


  1. So many pretty things you have bought! After reading your review I will check them out for sure!

    1. They do have loads of pretty things =)
      I can't wait to earn some extra money to make another purchase =)
      There is a lot of polishes left on my WL =)

  2. I am very happy to see some Korean products :)

    1. They are great! I wish they would sell them in my drug stores =)

  3. Replies
    1. Amber =). I love them too =). I already wore half of them =)

  4. So cute! Love all those glitters, especially the Tony Moly one on your nails (Milky Way) and 108 from the surprise ones!

    1. Amanda! I thought you'd like them =)
      I really don't like the glitter an all, but tony moly nail polishes looook so frakin awesome in the bottle =)

  5. Replies
    1. I think you said it all =)
      Thank you for commenting!

  6. Replies
    1. nail crazy, bil je zelo lep dan ko so prišli k meni, kot iz pravljice =)

  7. Wow i love the nail polishes.! its my craze atm. Looks so nice :)

  8. all of these polishes look so pretty :)

  9. Wow I love all of these so much!

    <3 Melissa

  10. Etude House is pretty welknown in Malaysia.. Most ladies go there to buy their make up (available in many variety,try their mascara !) nail polishes (beautiful shades), Body lotions (they smell great)... but most importantly the price is pretty reasonable. =)... I love the nail polishes you picked out.

  11. everything looks great! such pretty colors! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  12. nice polishes

  13. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
    Following your blog. follower#944

    hope you will visit & follow my blog.

  14. K ako sem pa lahko tole objavo sfalil? Sami čudoviti laki <3 Tony Molly: Shooting star, Milky way and Pinky star so v kompletu ali se jih da kupit ločeno?

    1. Js se opravičujem za tako pozen odgovor, upam da še spremljaš tole objavo, bom pa za vsak slučaj poslala še mail =).
      Nisem jih kupila v kompletu, lahko jih kupiš posamezno =). No, kljub vsemu se mogoče splača kupiti več stvari zaradi poštnine =)

  15. i love your blog.! i follow you xx

  16. wow you ordered a lot!! They all look fantastic!!


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